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    Gary Null – HPV Vaccines: Unnecessary and Lethal

    February 29, 2016 // 0 Comments

    Every parent desires only the best for their children, which is why most parents insist that their children, primarily girls but now also boys, receive the three-shot series of HPV vaccines. Parents do this because there is the unchallenged assumptions that vaccine public mandates and physician recommendations are founded upon sound scientific and medical principles of safety and efficacy. This is not only true for the HPV vaccines—Merck’s Gardasil and Glaxo’s Cervarix—but for all childhood vaccines. Unfortunately, there has been very little effective popular opposition to the vaccination regime except by those parents who have witnessed these vaccines’ devastation upon their children’s developing brains and immune systems. The rate of autism in the US has now risen to 1 in 68. Yet at the same time parents are repeatedly told it is not the vaccines; the industrial food industry repeatedly tells us it is not the GMOs and toxic pesticides such as glyphosate; and the fossil fuel multinationals repeatedly tell us it is not the heavy metals spewing into the atmosphere from their plants. Rather we are consistently told that the medical profession doesn’t harm children. Vaccines save lives. Fortunately more and more people are awakening to these lies. Although there are a growing number of parents fighting the medical establishment, in some cases even winning, they nevertheless have to live with an injured child or teenager, frequently for the remainder of their child’s life. The very federal agencies that support an ever-increasing vaccination schedule—the CDC, HHS, FDA and Surgeon General—and the entire private medical establishment and physicians are complicit in a mutual denial that vaccine scientific review and regulation require a vast systemic overhaul before any vaccine should be pronounced safe and effective before entering the market.
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