Adam Audio A77H Review

Adam Audio A77H Review: A Comprehensive Guide

Dive headfirst into the world of sound with this descriptive and knowledgeable analysis of the Adam Audio A77H. Whether you’re a music enthusiast seeking an audiophile-grade device, or a creative producer looking for the perfect studio companion, this enlightening article is your roadmap to understanding what makes the Adam Audio A77H special. Buckle up as we explore its design, unmask its power configuration, test its performance, and more.

In response to your interest in an Adam Audio A77H review; this device constructs an epic soundscape that resonates with high-grade quality and remarkable performance parameters. It is designed for those who appreciate balance in their audio equipment.

Power ConfigurationTri-amped
LF Driver Size2 x 7″ Woofer
LF Driver TypeMulti-Layer Mineral Fiber
MF Driver Size3.5″ Driver
MF Driver TypeDome Cone Hybrid, Multi-Layer Mineral Fiber
HF Driver TypeRotatable X-ART with HPS Waveguide
LF Driver Power Amp250W
MF Driver Power Amp70W
HF Driver Power Amp20W
Total Power340W
Crossover Frequency400Hz, 3.0kHz
Input Types1 x XLR, 1 x RCA
Other I/O1 x RJ45 (remote control)
FeaturesRoom Correction Controls, Voicing Select
SoftwareA Control
Enclosure TypeDual Front Ported
Enclosure MaterialVinyl Wrapped MDF
Weight37.68 lbs
Warranty  5-Yrs 

Adam Audio A77H – A Quick Overview

The Adam Audio A77H is a high-performance studio monitor that delivers exceptional sound quality for professional audio production. Known for its accuracy and transparency, it incorporates advanced technologies, such as dual woofers and Adam’s proprietary X-ART tweeter, to reproduce sound with impressive clarity.

Adam Audio A77H - A Quick Overview

Its horizontal design allows for precise stereo imaging and wide sweet spots, making it ideal for critical listening environments. Designed with versatility in mind, the A77H features custom amplification tailored to each driver for optimal performance.

With robust build quality and advanced DSP capabilities, this monitor provides users with nuanced control over their listening experience. Suitable for both tracking and mixing in various genres of music production, the Adam Audio A77H is an excellent choice for audio engineers seeking precision in their monitoring setup.

Design and Build Quality

Adam Audio A77H is a king of design. It has a sleek and classy look that fits in any space. Dimensions are 9.25″ in height, 20.87″ in width, and 13.75″ in depth, making it a neat fit for studios or other small spaces.

The enclosure material hosts a vinyl-wrapped MDF; providing both durability and elegance to the speaker’s outer body. Besides good looks, this tough cover also adds strength to the speaker.

Despite being a powerhouse, Adam Audio A77H weighs 37.68 lbs only; which is quite bearable for its size category – so you can move it around with some ease. This lightweight build addresses portability, so you can make your music mobile with relative comfort!

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Sound Quality

The sound of the Adam Audio A77H is a game changer. It’s rich, clear, and full-bodied. What sets it apart? It’s all about the LF and MF drivers.

Adam Audio A77H - Sound Quality

You see, a driver in the audio world is like what makes sound waves in speakers. The LF (low-frequency) Driver Size for this device is an astounding 2 x 7″ Woofer made up of multi-layer mineral fiber. This matters because it gives deep and punchy bass sounds.

On the other hand, the MF (medium frequency) Driver Size here is a compact yet powerful 3.5″ Driver made similarly from the multi-layer mineral fiber. It projects lifelike midrange sounds with high fidelity.

Power Configuration

One of the key features that set the Adam Audio A77H apart from other speakers in the market is its power configuration and total power. This amazing device boasts a Tri-amped configuration. Now, let’s unearth what this means.

Adam Audio A77H - Power Configuration

Here are some notable points relating to the power configuration and total power of Adam Audio A77H:

  • Powerful LF Driver: The low-frequency (LF) driver in Adam Audio A77H is powered by a 250W amplifier. It delivers deep and rich bass tones that add depth to your audio experience.
  • Subtle MF Driver: Next up is the mid-frequency (MF) driver which uses 70W electric energy. It covers all those sounds that fall within mid-range frequencies ensuring an overall smooth sound quality.
  • Crisp HF Driver: Lastly, we have a high-frequency (HF) driver with a 20W amplifier that highlights all upper-end notes with precision.


Getting connected to Adam Audio A77H is a smooth ride. You’ll be pleased to know that it offers various connection options. The main types are XLR and RCA. They give room for setup flexibility and will cater on different levels for each audio enthusiast out there.

Adam Audio A77H - Connectivity

The XLR input is pretty noteworthy in this context. The XLR connector typically has three pins that produce and understand balanced signals, which makes it resistant to external noises, providing clear sound quality.

Next up we have the RCA input type. Even though this might seem like an ordinary feature at first, RVCA is a universal standard used in most audio equipment, making the Adam Audio A77H quite compatible with a wide range of devices.


Diving into the performance review of our focal point, the Adam Audio A77H presents a compelling case for top-tier audio performance.

Adam Audio A77H - Performance

User experiences and expert reviews of this device have collectively painted an impressive scene.

  • Clear Sound Reproduction: Every note and melody comes to life with the Adam Audio A77H. The blend of its diverse driver configuration brings out crystal-clear sound reproduction across all frequencies. Highs are crisp, mids are warm and lows hit deep without distortion.
  • Remarkable Power Output: One aspect that stands out is its power output. With a 250W LF driver, 70W MF driver & 20W HF driver respectively, the total peak power reaches up to an impressive 340W! This fuels a robust audio experience that truly resonates with listeners.
  • Advanced Controls: Users admire this machine for its advanced controls. The convenience offered by compatibility with the RJ45 remote control is simply beyond words.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Input types such as XLR and RCA provide easily adaptable connections enhancing user convenience. Regardless of your setup preferences or equipment inventory, it tunes in smoothly.

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Pros And Cons

Structurally sound in terms of design and durability.Weight might be an issue for some users
Superior Sound Quality with intricate detailingMay require expertise while using control options
Advanced Power configuration system


The Adam Audio A77H stands as an unparalleled choice for those seeking professional sound quality. The model offers a striking blend of superior performance, outstanding design, and user-friendly configuration. Its robust tri-amped power output combined with impeccable driver types assures a great audio experience. The variety of input systems enhances its accessibility while adding to the ease of use.

This leaves no doubt that whether it’s for an intimate setting or a larger space, Adam Audio A77H delivers uncompromising quality making it a worthy investment for audiophiles around the globe.