Audient iD4 Mk2 Review

Audient iD4 Mk2 Review: An In-Depth Look at Performance

Stepping into the world of high-fidelity sound can be a thrilling ride with many choices. Our Audient iD4 Mk2 review aims to simplify this journey for you by providing crucial insights. We’ve distilled important information to help you make an informed decision about whether it is the right audio interface for your needs.

The Audient iD4 Mk2 stands out as a professional yet user-friendly audio interface known for its superior sound quality and smart features. Compact and portable, it’s renowned for delivering studio-grade audio that impresses both budding musicians and seasoned professionals.

ModeliD4 MKII
Compatible DevicesPersonal Computer
Supported SoftwareAudient
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Number of Channels2 in, 2 out
Microphone Preamp1 x True Audient Console Preamp
Instrument Input1 x Dedicated JFET Instrument Input
Headphone Outputs2
Converter A/D (Analog to Digital)Up to 126 dB dynamic range
Monitor Mix FunctionalityYes
Phantom Power Capability48V for professional-grade mics
Weight of the DeviceOnly weighs about 740 gms

Unpacking the Audient iD4 Mk2

The moment has arrived to unbox your new piece of musical kit – the Audient iD4 Mk2. The first thing you will notice when you get your hands on the box is that it feels sturdy and well-designed, speaking volumes about the quality product enclosed within.

Unpacking the Audient iD4 Mk2

It is packaged neatly in a robust cardboard box printed with an attractive minimalist design featuring a picture of the interface. First impressions are essential, and here, Audient certainly ticks all the boxes.

Inside the box, along with your new Audient iD4 Mk2, you will find a USB-C cable used to connect it to your computer. Also included is a handy quick-start guide that walks you through basic setup procedures and instructions to take advantage of everything this device has to offer. Every element placed inside represents careful thought about what would help users get started without any hindrances.

As soon as you lay eyes on your unpacked interface device, it is evident that there has been considerable attention given to every minor detail of its design.

The compact shape allows easy portability whilst retaining an air of sleek professionalism; the Matte black casing gives off a polished feel; And all knobs, and buttons are tactile and pleasingly solid promising longevity even under regular use. All these initial impressions assure us before we plug it in for use – This gadget packs both durability and functionality in one neat package.

Compact and Portable Design

The Audient iD4 Mk2 has a unique compact design that is worth noting. The first thing you’ll notice is the small yet solid build of the device. It really shines when it comes to portability and size. This feature makes the Audient iD4 Mk2 very important for individuals who are always on the go. You can toss it into your backpack, and you won’t even notice that it’s there.

Audient iD4 Mk2 Review: Compact and Portable Design

Its portability never compromises its functionality or design, which is amazing. The weight of this gadget adds to its advantage for transport abilities as it weighs only 1.75 pounds (or 0.8 kg). Supporting dimensions measure 133mm x 120mm x 40mm, providing a concise structure to work from anywhere artists need their workspace.

We also cannot ignore how user-friendly this device’s interface is despite its compact size. All features of this tool are well arranged on its surface, making them easy to manipulate or control during recording or mixing sessions.

Function does not sacrifice form in the case of Audient iD4 Mk2, as high-quality materials used result in a professional-looking unit that not only feels great but also looks fantastic among other studio equipment.

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Sound Quality

The Audient iD4 Mk2 shines brightly when it comes to the quality of its sound. One of the main factors that contributes to this great quality is its audio resolution. The iD4 Mk2 boasts a top-notch 24-bit/96kHz audio resolution, which means that the sound you get is clear and rich in detail. In simple terms, this high resolution gives any recording or playback a smooth blend of sounds rather than harsh or rigid noises.

Audient iD4 Mk2 Review: Sound Quality

Another important element in the superior sound quality of the iD4 Mk2 is its sound reproduction. Now, what does that mean? Well, when you use a device like this one to record or play audio, you want it to capture and replay the exact nuances and tones as they were originally produced.

That’s exactly what this little gear does with ease! It’s Class-A mic preamps & high-performance converters reproduce every frequency meticulously – keeping your music authentic and lifelike.

One more thing – talking about sound design, this piece knows how to balance the treble (high), midrange (middle), and bass (low) frequencies effortlessly which makes for an unbeatable sonic experience. You’ll clearly notice how no part overpowers another but instead blends harmoniously into a full-bodied auditory delight.

And guess what? This balance is maintained even at loud volumes with no distortion! So whether you’re listening on headphones or studio monitors, rest assured your ears are in for some pure, pristine sounds. The Audient iD4 Mk2’s superior sound quality truly sets it apart from competitors in these key areas making it an ideal choice for any home studio setup or mobile recording needs.

Connectivity Options

When it comes to choosing a sound card or audio interface, the connectivity options are a key factor. The Audient iD4 Mk2 shines in this aspect, making it stand out among its competitors. Here’s why:

  • USB C Connection: The first thing worth noting is that the Audient iD4 Mk2 uses a USB C connection. This is the most recent type of USB connector and is fast becoming standard in many devices. It provides faster transfer speeds which means better audio quality and less delay when recording or playing back audio.
  • Microphone and Instrument Inputs: For those who record music or podcasts, having both microphone and instrument inputs is vital. The Audient iD4 Mk2 offers this versatility with one XLR microphone input and one-quarter-inch jack instrument input.
  • Headphone Output: Of course, to listen to what you’ve recorded, you need a headphone output. The Audient iD4 Mk2 has it covered with a high-quality headphone jack.
  • Speaker Outputs: Want to play your sound through bigger speakers? No problem! There are two TRS balanced speaker outputs for just such occasions.

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Audio Conversion Quality

In this part of the Audient iD4 Mk2 review, we will look at how the audio conversion quality measures up. Here’s a simple breakdown comparing the older Mk1 model and this new model.

Audient iD4 Mk2 Review: Audio Conversion Quality
  • The Audient iD4 Mk1: The input audio conversion or Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) on the Mk1 version was already impressive, capturing detailed sound fluidly. The output quality or Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) maintained faithful sound reproduction, ensuring high-quality audio played back without alterations.
  • The Audient iD4 Mk2: This newer model boasts an improved ADC & DAC design. It captures even more detailed sound on input and provides more precise playback of that sound on output. It’s like being given a pair of fresh eyes – you are suddenly able to pick out finer details in your recordings that you never noticed before.

While both versions give you high-quality audio conversions, this comparison reveals an enhanced performance level with the new technology used in the Audient iD4 Mk2. When it comes to recording and playback, every bit of detail captured and accurately reproduced matters in professional settings.

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Pros & Cons

Incredible sound qualityLimited I/O options
Compact and portable designMight be slightly expensive for beginners
Reliable and durable build qualityTakes time to fully understand all features
Versatile connectivity features


In the final analysis of this Audient iD4 Mk2 review, it is clear that this audio interface provides high-quality sound and impressive features that set it apart in the market. The compact design makes it portable and easy to carry, while its top-notch audio conversion quality makes for a superior sound experience.

Despite minor cons, the Audient iD4 Mk2 still delivers especially thanks to its extensive connectivity options and considerable value for money. Long story short, if you are in search of professional-grade performance in a compact package, then this audio interface certainly deserves your consideration.