Barefoot Footprint02

Barefoot Footprint02: A Detailed, and Natural Review

Have you ever wondered what makes music and audio production fascinating? Is it the melody that captivates our hearts or the beats that make us move our feet? With so many questions hovering around, I will boil down to the main tool that helps sound engineers create magic – speaker monitors. Allow me to introduce you to a world-class monitor – The Barefoot Footprint02.

The Barefoot Footprint02 is a phenomenal blend of robust design, advanced technology, and superior sound quality which elevate your music experience like never before. Its defining features compel professionals as well as beginners to rely on it for creating an impeccable audio output.

Description3-way active monitor with MEME™ voice emulation
ControlsInput level stepped attenuator, MEME™ voice select
Input ImpedanceBalanced XLR, 20k Ohm Impedance
Sensitivity90dB @ 1 meter with -15dBV input signal (Level control set to 0dB)
Frequency Response42Hz – 45kHz (±3dB), 52Hz – 40kHz (±1dB)
Bass Response-3 dB @ 42Hz, Q = 0.707 Slope = 18 dB/octave asymptotic
Crossover Frequencies180 / 3600 Hz (Passive crossover between Midrange and Tweeter)
Tweeter1″ ring radiator, Low distortion motor, Rear waveguide chamber
Midrange4.0″ aluminum cone, Aluminum phase plug, Low distortion motor
Woofers6.5″ paper composite cone, low distortion motor, Dual-Force™
High-Frequency Amplifier200W
AC Power Input85 VAC to 265 VAC
Power ConsumptionIdle: 14W, Maximum: 400W
WeightSpeaker: 27.9 lbs each (12.7 kg) Shipping: 33.6 lbs each (15.3 kg)
Dimensions HxWxDCabinet: 12.12 x 8.7 x 13.0 inches (308 x 222 x 330 mm) Overall: 12.12 x 9.50 x 13.6 inches (308 x 241 x 330 mm) 

Barefoot Footprint02: A Quick Overview

The Barefoot Footprint02 is a meticulously engineered 3-way active monitor, designed to deliver an unparalleled mix experience with its innovative MEME™ voice emulation feature. This studio monitor stands out with its rich frequency response ranging from 42Hz to 45kHz and precision-tuned crossovers at 180/3600 Hz.

Barefoot Footprint02: A Quick Overview

Equipped with high-quality components like a 1” ring radiator tweeter, a robust 4.0” aluminum cone midrange driver, and a powerful 6.5” paper composite woofer, the Footprint02 ensures clear highs, articulate mids, and well-defined bass.

Additionally, the Footprint02 offers user-friendly controls for input level adjustment and MEME™ voice selection to easily tailor the sound character to your preference.

With a high-frequency amplifier outputting up to 200W and reasonable power consumption parameters (14W idle, maxing out at 400W), this speaker fits seamlessly into various professional audio environments. Weighing in at around 27.9 lbs each, these monitors are not only portable but also solidly built to withstand rigorous use in different setups.

Design and Build

The design of the Barefoot Footprint02 is something that caught my attention right away. It carries an elegance that can easily blend in with any studio setup. However, its appeal isn’t just on the surface, I believe it’s the robust design that truly enhances your sound production experience.

Barefoot Footprint02:

Where many monitors fall short in their delicate construction, the Footprint02 stands tall and undeterred. This sturdiness adds a sense of reliability which creators like me greatly appreciate. Having a monitor that can endure constant use is vital for our seamless work process.

You’ll notice that no detail has been neglected in its design. Packed within compact dimensions (308 x 222 x 330 mm), you will find a well-built monitor with a sealed woofer and midrange enclosures, and a machined aluminum baffle plate- all elements carefully considered to deliver quality output.

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The Barefoot Footprint02 is packed with impressive features and functionality. It’s designed to elevate your sound production experience, and it surely does a splendid job at it.

Barefoot Footprint02: Features
  • Firstly, the sound monitor operates as a 3-way active system with MEME™ voice emulation controls. This means it produces three distinct ranges of audio frequencies. It enhances the overall listening experience by ensuring every note receives the attention it deserves, no matter how high or low its frequency is.
  • Another noteworthy feature is its balanced XLR input endowed with a 20k Ohm Impedance. This balances the signal and reduces noise interference during transmission. Couple this with its sensitivity level of 90dB @ 1 meter – you’re ensured that every detail, subtle or significant in your audio mix, can be felt more profoundly.

Sound Quality

When it comes to music, sound quality means everything. This is where the Barefoot Footprint02 stands out. It produces clear, crisp, and balanced sound making it simply perfect for all my audio needs.

Barefoot Footprint02: Sound Quality

One of the key factors affecting this top-notch sound output is input impedance. With a balanced XLR, and 20k Ohm Impedance, the Barefoot Footprint02 effortlessly handles high levels of signal power without distortion. This results in cleaner and more precise audio output.

A second paramount factor lies within its frequency response. The Footprint02 boasts a response rate of 42Hz – 45kHz (±3dB), or even tighter at 52Hz – 40kHz (±1dB). This adds to an amazingly accurate replication of each frequency sound I work with – from deep bass notes to high-pitch tones effortlessly produced by this brilliant piece of gear.

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Connection Alternatives

The variety of possibilities for making connections is where the Barefoot Footprint02 shines. This versatile gear features a Balanced XLR input, which stands out amongst its market peers. The Balanced XLR is known to enhance audio quality by reducing noise interference.

Barefoot Footprint02: Connection Alternatives

Moreover, it supports a remarkable 20k Ohm impedance. In simple terms, the imitation of such enhanced input impedance makes this product extra competent when playing various audio formats. It effortlessly suits all types of sound files, whether they’re high or low format.

Adding cherry to the cake, the Footprint02 also offers a flexible power input. It can function on any AC voltage from 85VAC to 265VAC. So wherever you set up your studio in the world, this gadget will prove itself as an invaluable asset.

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Pros and Cons

Balanced XLR input provides professional audio quality and minimizes noise issuesIt’s quite heavy, making it potentially difficult to move or rearrange
Robust design with machined aluminum baffle plate and acoustic damping enhance durabilityThe price point may be high for some users
Wide frequency response (42Hz – 45kHz) ensures excellent sound reproduction accuracyThough it offers versatile connection alternatives, some users might prefer additional options like HDMI or RCA inputs
MEME™ voice emulation allows tailoring of speaker character to suit your listening preference. In short, customization is at your fingertipsRobust design with machined aluminum baffle plate and acoustic damping enhances durability


This musical wonder, with its robust design and multitude of attractive features, offers a new level of sound production experience. The detailed, focused, and natural sound quality it provides is honestly beyond comparison. Given its specific input impedance, frequency response, and the range of connection alternatives it possesses, Barefoot Footprint02 surely excels in beating its competitors.

Additionally, no technological product comes without a few challenges that the user needs to adapt to over time. However, for me, the pros in this case significantly outweigh any cons that might exist. If you’re seeking a professional sound monitor that exceeds all expectations with supreme audio output quality and versatile options – this is notably your game-changer.