Korg D1 Review

Korg D1 Review: Is This the Ultimate Digital Piano?

In the sea of musical instruments, one digital stage piano stands out. This discernible paradigm shift is brought to you by the Korg D1. Renowned worldwide, Korg is a brand that has consistently produced high-quality musical instruments and their latest product upholds this legacy beautifully. This article will give you an in-depth look at what makes the Korg D1 stand out.

The superior quality and unique features of the Korg D1 make it a popular choice among musicians. The digital piano boasts an impressively compact design, versatile functionality, and superior sound quality with a rich variety of sounds to choose from. Its real-weighted hammer action keyboard offers an astonishing touch sensitivity that simulates playing on an authentic grand piano.

Keyboard88 key (A0–C8), RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3) Keyboard
Touch controlFive types
PitchTranspose, Fine tuning
Temperament9 types
Sound generationStereo PCM
Maximum polyphony120 voices (max)
Sounds30 (10 x 3 Banks)
EffectsBrilliance, Reverb and Chorus (3 levels each)
Demo Songs30 (Sound Demo song x 10, Piano Demo Song x 20)
MetronomeTempo, Time signature, Accent, Sound and Volume controls
PedalsDamper (Half-pedaling supported)
Connection LINE OUT(L/MONO R), MIDI(IN OUT)Headphones DAMPER

Unboxing the Korg D1

As you welcome your new music companion, the anticipation builds up even more when it comes to unboxing the Korg D1. The company has done an impressive job with its packaging, ensuring that your digital stage piano arrives without a scratch.

Unboxing the Korg D1

Wrapped securely within layers of protective covering, one will first notice the sturdy build of the Korg D1 box. It’s a testament to Korg’s care and attention to detail in making sure their product reaches you in perfect condition.

Opening the box is akin to revealing a treasure chest – here lies your prized possession ready to enchant with its music. The sight of this elegantly designed keyboard instantly gives off a positive initial impression as it promises robust musical experiences ahead.

Inside the well-organized box, along with your shiny new digital stage piano are some handy accessories that add value to this purchase. You’ll find an AC adapter for powering up your device wherever you go, a damper pedal for enhanced tube control; and every pianist’s essential partner – a music rest.

Design and Build

The first thing that strikes you about the Korg D1 is its compact size. With dimensions of 52.24″ x 10.35″ x 5.04″ (without music stand) and a weight of around 16kg/35.27 lbs., this digital stage piano is fairly easy to carry around, making it suitable for both in-home use and certain professional level applications.

Korg D1 Review: Design and Build

The design experts at Korg have wonderfully packaged the D1 in a minimalist yet highly classy design, showcasing accessible controls for power, volume, and various sound effects like brilliance, reverb, chorus, and more in an organized layout. In fact, this careful placement lets you maintain focus on your playing while giving you easy access to all necessary features.

Moreover, the versatility of this instrument adds up to its value significantly. Regardless if you’re an aspiring pianist or a seasoned musician planning gigs or practice sessions at home, the Korg D1 effortlessly suits various scenarios providing superb playability regardless of your skill level.

Sound Quality

A vital aspect that we need to look at in this Korg D1 review is the superior sound quality of this digital piano. What captures the heart and ears of many music enthusiasts is its unique sound reproduction. This feature sets Korg D1 apart from many other digital pianos.

Korg D1 Review: Sound Quality

Korg, as a company, has been very thoughtful when they designed the sound generation system for the Korg D1. The system used is known as Stereo PCM. Let’s break down what PCM stands for Pulse Code Modulation. It involves changing an analog signal (like music) into a digital format that can be used by electronic devices like a piano.

This very type of design allows a fantastic maximum polyphony of 120 voices! Yes, you read it right, it’s indeed 120! So what does maximum polyphony mean? In simple words, maximum polyphony is the number of individual notes or tones that can be produced at once by a keyboard.

Keyboard: Touch and Feel

People who enjoy playing the piano place a high value on how the keyboard feels when they are playing. The Korg D1 knows this well and puts a special emphasis on giving users an authentic piano playing experience.

Korg D1 Review: Keyboard Touch and Feel

What makes the Korg D1 stand out is that it equips an 88 key Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keyboard. This kind of keyboard is truly exciting because it means that the lower register keys have a heavier touch, and as you move upward to higher registers, the touch becomes lighter- very much like what you would experience with traditional acoustic pianos.

While interacting with such a bold yet easy-to-use setup, players are bound to feel more connected to their music. In fact, for some musicians, this provides an even better level of comfort while performing or practicing. It offers them greater control over their notes as well as dynamics.

Features of Korg D1

Arguably, the charm of the Korg D1 resides in its features. Following is a brief outline of these characteristics that make this instrument an excellent choice for musicians:

Korg D1 Review: Features of Korg D1
  • Keyboard: The 88 key (A0–C8), Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) Keyboard, sets the stage for unparalleled playability. It mimics the response of a grand piano, delivering a heavier touch in the low keys and a lighter touch in the high keys.
  • Touch Control: With five different levels, this feature gives musicians control over their performance according to their style and preference.
  • Sound Generation & Quality: The Stereo PCM sound generation ensures top-notch audio output. Also, with maximum polyphony at 120 voices, performers will have no problems playing complex songs or tracks.
  • Sounds & Effects: Embrace your creativity with 30 diverse sounds available in three banks. Each offers you different tones like electric pianos and organs. And that’s not all – additional brilliance, reverb, and chorus effects aid in transforming your piece into something extraordinary!
  • Demo Songs: With access to 30 demo songs (10 sound demo songs and 20 piano demo songs), users can explore various genres and learn new compositions effortlessly.
  • Controls & Connections: A broad range of controls like volume adjustment, banking system, etc., combined with various connection options make it highly adaptable to different setups.

Accompanied by accessories such as AC adapter, music rest, and damper pedal; Korg D1 emerges as a comprehensive package for music enthusiasts.

With its compact design yet vast features list; it is clear now why Korg D1 has received applause from users around the globe.

Pros & Cons

Compact and lightweight design for ease of portabilityNo built-in speakers, a separate amplifier or headphones is needed
Superior sound quality with Stereo PCM sound generationMay be pricey for new learners or hobbyists
88 keys with Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) system provides authentic piano feelNot a lot of extra features compared to other digital pianos in the same price range
Loaded with 30 distinct sound effects featuring variations in brilliance, reverb and chorus.Limited to only 120 voices maximum polyphony
Energy efficient with a power consumption of just 1.5W.


In this Korg D1 review, we have meticulously dissected the outstanding characteristics of this digital stage piano. Right from unboxing to the exploration of its versatile design and superior sound quality, we have assessed every single facet that can influence your decision of buying a musical instrument.

The compact nature accompanied by a wealth-class touch and feel surely differentiate Korg D1 from other pianos in the market. Its wide array of sound varieties further reinforces its brilliancy. Evidently, for anyone seeking exceptional playing experience with an equally phenomenal keyboard at disposal, Korg D1 is certainly worth considering.