Yamaha Piaggero NP-12

Yamaha Piaggero NP-12: Your Ultimate, Comprehensive Review

Embarking on the journey of music is a thrilling experience and choosing the right tool makes all the difference. By investing your time in this article, you’ll be privy to an in-depth review of Yamaha Piaggero NP-12, one of Yamaha’s most popular keyboards.

This exploration will walk you through everything you need to know about its compact and lightweight design, exceptional audio quality, keyboard functionality, song options, features, and more.

Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 combines portable design with high-end performance, making it an asset for musicians irrespective of ability level or genre specification. Offering 61 keys and boasting AWM stereo sampling tone technology coupled with up to 64 polyphony notes; it delivers exceptional sound quality. expectations.

Keyboard TypePiano-style keyboard
Touch ResponseYes
Sound TechnologyAWM Stereo Sampling
Preset Voices10
Reverb Effects4
Demo Songs20 (10 Voice Demo Songs + 10 Piano Preset Songs)
Recording Capability1 Song, 1 Track
Note Data Capacity7,000 notes
Tempo Range32 to 280
Transpose Range-6 to +6
ConnectivityUSB TO HOST, optional wireless with UD-BT01
Accessories IncludedPower adapter, foot switch, headphones (SK B2)

Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 – A Quick Introduction

The Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 is a versatile and portable digital keyboard designed for musicians of all skill levels. With its 61 piano-style keys, this keyboard offers a natural and satisfying playing experience. The touch response feature ensures dynamic expression, making it suitable for expressive performances.

Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 - A Quick Introduction

Powered by AWM Stereo Sampling sound technology, the Piaggero NP-12 delivers rich and authentic sounds across its 10 preset voices. Whether you’re practicing at home or performing on stage, the built-in metronome and various reverb effects provide ample creative possibilities.

In addition to its impressive sound capabilities, the Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 offers several useful functions to enhance your practice sessions.

The dual/layers function allows you to combine two voices for a fuller sound, while the recording capability lets you capture up to 7,000 notes of your compositions or practice sessions. With USB TO HOST connectivity as well as optional wireless support with UD-BT01, transferring your music to other devices has never been easier.

Compact and Lightweight Design

The design of the Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 makes it stand out. Its compact size makes it easy to carry. It boasts dimensions of 1,036mm width, 105mm height, and 259mm depth, which lets musicians bring this sleek powerhouse everywhere they go.

When you talk about its weight, it’s very light. Weighing just about 4.5kg (equivalent to around ten pounds), moving this keyboard is no trouble at all! Very ideal even for younger music enthusiasts.

The design benefits are clear. The portability allows you to set up anywhere without any fuss. The lightweight design ensures your musical journey is never hindered by bulky instruments, with the Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 offering freedom in mobility.

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Audio Quality

When it comes to audio quality, the Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 doesn’t disappoint. It utilizes a technology known as AWM Stereo Sampling. This is high-tech stuff that allows for realistic and rich tones. It lets you produce sounds that are clear and vibrant.

Yamaha Piaggero NP-12: Audio Quality

The other key aspect to consider is polyphony. The higher the polyphony, the more notes a piano can play simultaneously. In this model, we have a polyphony of 64 which is quite impressive. It offers abundant potential for producing highly complex sounds without note-drops.

These features work together, giving the Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 superb audio quality that stands out from its competitors. So whether you’re practicing in your room or performing on stage, this piano ensures top-notch sound output at all times.


The heart of the Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 is its 61-key piano-style keyboard. It comes to life beneath your fingers, responding magnificently to touch. A light press delivers a soft note, while a heavier touch belts out a louder one. This variance in dynamic response is great for musicians who enjoy adding layers of emotion to their performance.

Yamaha Piaggero NP-12: Performance

Nothing beats the feeling of keys that respond directly to your touch. What’s more, the seamless keyboard layout makes shifting from one key to another effortless. That means less time fumbling and more time creating spellbinding music.

With Yamaha Piaggero NP-12, not just quality but even quantity walks hand in hand. The assortment of 10 distinctive voice demos and brilliant polyphony only enhance the playing experience – making it indeed an instrument for tomorrow’s champions!

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Pros & Cons

Compact and lightweight design – easy to transport and perfect for small spacesGood variation of voices offers versatility in sound production
AWM Stereo Sampling provides impressive audio qualityLacks fully-weighted keys which some pianists may prefer
May not be suitable for advanced-level piano playMay not be suitable for advanced level piano play
Comes with preloaded songs that help beginners learn quickly and easilyDoes not come provided with a stand or sustain pedal
Capable of operating on batteries – ideal for outdoor events or places lacking power outlets


The Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 offers excellent value for its cost. Its compact design makes it ideal for those who want a comfortable keyboard on the go. Additionally, the 61 keys ensure a full range of sound possibilities, adding depth to your performance. The preset songs feature also broadens song options enhancing user enjoyment and learning experience.

However, as with any product, it’s not without its shortcomings which are minor compared to the benefits it offers. From beginners to advanced players seeking convenience, portability, and high-quality sound, the Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 won’t disappoint.