AKG K712 Pro Review

AKG K712 Pro Review: Unveiling the Superior Audio Device

I’ve always been a music enthusiast, and it’s no secret that finding quality headphones can be tricky. But when I stumbled upon the AKG K712 Pro, it felt like I’d hit the jackpot! Getting into this AKG K712 Pro review will reveal exclusive features and reasons why these particular headphones have caught my discerning audiophile eye.

My journey with the AKG K712 Pro has been nothing short of amazing. These open-back headphones won me over with their impressive sound quality and supreme comfort. Their robust build ensures longevity, while their sleek design adds an aesthetic touch to your audio experience.

Headphone TypeOpen-Back
Sensitivity105 dB SPL/V
Rated Impedance62 Ohms
Detachable CableYes
Cable Length3 meters (10 feet)
Maximum Input Power200 mW
Weight235 Grams (8.3 ounces)
Price$271.11 (price may vary)

AKG K712 Pro – A Quick Overview

Let me take a moment to introduce the fantastic piece of technology we’re talking about here. The AKG K712 Pro is an open-back headphone, and in case you didn’t know, headphones come in types – open-back and closed. This one being open-back suggests that it does not entirely isolate sounds.

AKG K712 Pro – A Quick Overview

One reason why many people like the AKG K712 Pro is because of its sensitivity which stands at 105 dB SPL/V. The higher this number, the louder your headphones can get. Another exciting thing about this product is its rated impedance – at 62 Ohms, it gives your headphones just about the right amount of power.

Also, this nifty device comes with a detachable cable, which makes it very portable. And when I say portable, I mean you can easily fit it into your backpack without any hassle; thanks to its 3-meter (10 feet) long cable! If the earpads wear out over time (which happens), don’t fret because they are replaceable.

Finally, despite all these features and more that I’m yet to mention (yes there’s more!), this headphone only weighs a mere 235 grams or approximately 8.3 ounces for those accustomed to measuring weight in ounces. As such lightweight makes it easy on your neck even after hours of use!

Who Should Get K712 PRO?

If you’re someone who loves excellent sound quality, the AKG K712 Pro is perfect for you. It’s designed for professionals who need to use headphones all day long and demand the very best sound experience.

Who Should Get K712 PRO?
Who Should Get K712 PRO?

The first big point to consider is that these headphones are ideal for people working in audio production. Whether you’re a music producer, mixer, or remixer, the AKG K712 Pro gives detailed precision sound which makes it easier to dissect layers within any recording. This clarity helps in making accurate tweaks during your audio creation process.

Another key aspect is comfort. Long hours at work can be hard on the ears so comfort is crucial with any headphones. The adaptable memory foam ear pads of the AKG K712 Pro provide just that! So if your job demands hours of headphone usage without causing discomfort or fatigue, then these are just right for you.

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What’s in the Box?

Upon opening the box of the AKG K712 Pro, you’re greeted with a presentation that’s both simple and elegant, emphasizing quality. Inside, you’ll find the headphones themselves, which boast a stylish design with spacious ear cups.

Accompanying these are a detachable 3-meter cable which is quite robust and promises flexibility and convenience for various setups. Also included are replaceable earpads which can come in handy to maintain comfort over long periods of use.

What's in the Box?
Unboxing the AKG K712 Pro: What’s in the Box?

Furthermore, AKG ensures that their premium product delivers value by including a gold-plated 1/4-inch jack adapter alongside the standard connections.

This addition is particularly beneficial for professional users who may need to adapt to various audio equipment setups. The packaging may also contain some documentation like a user manual or warranty information to help you get familiar with your new high-quality listening tool right out of the box.

Sound Quality

The AKG K712 Pro headphones deliver a remarkable audio performance that stands out primarily due to their open-back design, which facilitates a natural and spacious soundstage.

With a sensitivity of 105 dB SPL/V, these headphones ensure that you receive enough volume output with minimal distortion even at higher volumes. This feature is crucial for both professional studio settings and home listening environments where precision in audio reproduction is key.

Moreover, their rated impedance of 62 ohms strikes a balance between providing optimal sound quality without necessitating extremely powerful amplification. Users can expect clear highs, detailed mids, and well-defined bass response — attributes that collectively make the K712 Pro an excellent choice for audiophiles seeking an expansive auditory experience from various genres of music.

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Comfort and Fit

The AKG K712 Pro stands out in terms of user comfort, designed with lengthy listening sessions in mind. The headphones feature replaceable earpads which are key for maintaining a cozy fit even after extended usage. Moreover, weighing in at just 235 grams (approximately 8.3 ounces), these open-back headphones offer an experience that’s light on the head, minimizing strain during prolonged use.

These professional-grade headphones are equipped with a generous three-meter-long detachable cable providing ample movement flexibility without feeling tethered to one spot. This combination of lightweight design, ergonomic earpads, and a user-friendly cable system makes the AKG K712 Pro an ideal choice for both music aficionados and professionals who spend hours mastering their craft.

Build Quality and Design

Finally, let’s talk about the build quality and design. Constructed with lightweight yet sturdy materials they weigh only around 235 grams – making them among some of the most comfortable heavy-duty sound-producing beasts available in the market today. The bonus here is that these Curved-line babies are not just about their great looks – they deliver superior performance too.

The open-back design is unique and ensures that air can move freely through the ear cups, reducing any heat buildup while intensifying sound quality simultaneously! These headphones aren’t just a joy to wear; I found them exuding an aura of graphically elegant yet subtly chic aesthetics! It’s obvious AKG kept every tiny detail in mind when designing these gems.

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Pros and Cons

Needs Amplification: To get the most out of these requires an amplifier so if you don’t have one yet, prepare to shell out an extra expense.Premium Price: With such top-notch specifications, the AKG K712 Pro does come with a premium price tag. This may not be suitable for those who are looking for budget-friendly headphones.
Comfortable Wear: Speaking from personal experience, the comfort level of these headphones is top-notch. Even after long hours of usage, my ears did not feel any discomfort.Bass Might be Lacking for Some: For bass enthusiasts, this might not serve your needs adequately. There is bass, but it’s more balanced rather than overly pronounced.
Excellent Build Quality: The phrase “you get what you pay for” applies here nicely as the overall build quality of the AKG K712 Pro is worth every penny.Not For Portable Use – Due to their large size they are unsuitable for mobile or outdoor use


The AKG K712 Pro stands out as a superior choice for audio professionals and audiophiles alike, offering an unparalleled listening experience. Its precise soundstage, exceptional clarity, and balanced frequency response make it perfect for mixing, mastering, or simply enjoying your favorite tracks.

The comfort of its design ensures long listening sessions without fatigue, making it a reliable tool in any sound engineer’s arsenal and a delight for music enthusiasts seeking quality sound without compromise. In sum, the AKG K712 Pro not only meets but exceeds expectations on all fronts, solidifying its place as a must-have for those who prioritize audio quality.