Antelope Audio Orion Studio Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Welcome to our latest review on an impressive piece of audio gear, the Antelope Audio Orion Studio. This comprehensive look into its design, sound quality, and innovative features is sure to captivate any audio manipulation connoisseur or budding enthusiast. Stick around as we dive deep into what sets this high-end audio interface apart from the competition.

The Antelope Audio Orion Studio Synergy Core is nothing short of remarkable. It excels in design with sturdiness that ensures durability while its unmatched sound quality makes it a studio sweetheart. To top it off, this device offers a plethora of connectivity options including Thunderbolt 3 and USB and boasts advanced multicore processing capability.

ConnectivityThunderbolt 3, USB
Compatible DevicesMonitors
Number of Channels (AD/DA)Up to 32 Inputs / 32 Outputs (Thunderbolt 3)
Number of Channels (Analog)14 Inputs / 24 Outputs
Preamps12 Discrete Preamps
A/D Conversion64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC)
D/A Conversion130 dB Dynamic Range
Clocking64-Bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC)
FX Processors6 DSP + 2 FPGA
Item Weight  6.8 Pounds 

Antelope Audio Orion Studio – A Quick Introduction

The Antelope Audio Orion Studio is a top-of-the-line audio interface designed for professional studios. It features state-of-the-art connectivity options, including Thunderbolt 3 and USB, ensuring excellent compatibility with monitors and other devices.

Antelope Audio Orion Studio - A Quick Introduction

Designed to handle large-scale audio projects, it offers up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs via Thunderbolt 3, alongside impressive analog capabilities of 14 inputs and 24 outputs. This makes it an extremely versatile choice for producers who require a robust and reliable interface for complex recording sessions.

Incorporating advanced technology such as 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC), both in A/D and D/A conversion processes, the Orion Studio delivers unparalleled sound clarity with a dynamic range of 130 dB. Equipped with 12 discrete preamps, this audio interface ensures pristine quality in capturing audio signals.

Moreover, its powerful FX processing capabilities are managed through six DSPs and two FPGAs, providing immense flexibility in sound shaping without compromising performance. Despite its extensive feature set, the device remains relatively lightweight at just under seven pounds, making it both a powerful and portable solution for high-end audio production needs.

Sound Quality

The Antelope Audio Orion Studio stands out with superb sound quality. It beats other peers with its high audio resolution and broad dynamic range.

Antelope Audio Orion Studio Review: Sound Quality

The audio resolution of the Orion Studio goes up to 24-Bit / 192 kHz, resulting in incredibly crisp and clear sound quality. This ensures you get the most precise audio output, enhancing your listening or mixing experience.

Its outstanding dynamic range of 130 dB adds to its unbeatable sound quality. The wide dynamic range allows the device to capture the quietest and loudest sounds equally well, making your audio experience smoother and more natural.

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Connectivity Options

A key aspect of the Antelope Audio Orion Studio that makes it stand out among other models is its exceptional input/output features. Here’s more on what makes it unique:

Antelope Audio Orion Studio Review: Connectivity Options
  • Multiple Connectivity: The device offers Thunderbolt 3 and USB connections. This choice of connectivity increases compatibility and creates a diverse range of options for users.
  • Ample Channels: With up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs, the machine assures impressive flexibility in sound management when connected via Thunderbolt 3. Also, you can get up to 14 analog inputs and 24 analog outputs, further enhancing its versatility.
  • Versatile Preamps: The unit boasts twelve discrete preamps. These preamps result in superior audio performance as they efficiently handle various signal levels.
  • High-Resolution Conversion: An important feature includes the A/D conversion with up to a stunning 24-bit / 192 kHz resolution. Such high resolution can deliver clear, sharp sound output with minute details well captured.

Performance Review

The Antelope Audio Orion Studio Synergy Core is a real winner when it comes to performance. Many professionals have given it rave reviews. The sound quality is simply top-notch, catching every nuance of the audio.

Antelope Audio Orion Studio Review: Performance Review

This device lets you record with amazing clarity. It is super speed and top-of-the-line tech make for a smooth experience. Users agree – this is a high performer.

Whether amateur or pro, all love its think-on-feet agility. You’ll find that the Antelope Audio Orion Studio handles even complex tasks with ease and finesse.

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Pros and Cons

High-quality connectivity (Thunderbolt 3, USB)Potential for higher cost
Extensive input/output channelsMay have a steep learning curve
Advanced clocking technologyRequires compatible devices
Pristine sound with high dynamic range (130 dB)Can be overkill for small projects
12 discrete preampsRelatively heavy at 6.8 pounds
Powerful FX processing (6 DSP + 2 FPGA)


The Antelope Audio Orion Studio Synergy Core is indeed a phenomenal device. It excels not only in its stunning and robust design but also takes the win when it comes to delivering unbeatable sound quality. The range of input/output ports available, outstanding performance, and advanced FX processing pushes it well ahead of its rivals in the market.

The deviceā€™s minor cons are outshined by the massive list of its pros. This beast bridges professional quality with usability perfectly for any audiophile or hardcore music enthusiast out there. Investing in Antelope Audio Orion Studio Synergy Core is nothing but a nod towards enhancing your audio experience.