Korg Modwave

Korg Modwave Review: Unleashing the Power of Synthesis

Welcome on-board! If you’ve got an affinity for music and synthesizers, you’re at the right place. This Korg Modwave review will provide elaborate insights about this game-changer instrument that’s stealing the spotlight in the music scene. Be ready to unlock why it’s creating such a buzz, its unboxing experience, design quality, setup process, and some secret features that may surprise you.

Speaking directly about our prime focus today, Korg Modwave is an absolute delight for every music enthusiast or professional out there. A sparkling incarnation of advanced synthesis and wave sequencing technology wrapped in a sleek black outfit.

Once it takes its place in your studio or living room – consider yourself part of a future-forward tribe that produces sounds that are richly detailed, endlessly intriguing, and impossible to forget.

TypeSemi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
Sound EngineAnalog
Number of Keys32 Full-Size Keys (Velocity sensitive)
Sound Sources2 Oscillators, Linear FM, White Noise Generator, External Input Jack
VCF Filter24dB/Octave Moog Ladder Filter with Resonance
Static Filter6dB/Octave High Pass Filter
Mod SourcesModulation Oscillator (Sine, Sawtooth, Ramp, Square, S/H Output, Envelope, Key Tracking)
EnvelopeFour-Stage (ADSR)
Arpeggiator / Sequencer256 Steps; Three Sequence Files
Patch Points41 x 3.5mm (21 Inputs, 16 Outputs, 4 Parallel-Wired Mults)
Audio OutputOne 1/4″ TRS jack for headphones or line-level output
MIDI5-pin DIN In, Out, Thru

Korg Modwave: A Quick Overview

The Korg Modwave is a versatile synthesizer that combines cutting-edge wave sequencing with classic synthesis elements. With its dynamic modulation capabilities, the Modwave offers musicians an expansive sonic palette, suitable for everything from lush soundscapes to punchy leads. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it accessible to both seasoned professionals and beginner synth enthusiasts.

Built with performance in mind, the Modwave features a wide array of presets and customizable parameters that cater to various musical styles. The intricate waveforms and comprehensive modulation options ensure endless creativity, allowing users to shape sounds uniquely. Whether in the studio or on stage, the Korg Modwave stands out as a powerful tool for innovative sound design.

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Why the Korg Modwave is Creating a Buzz Among Users?

Some of you might be wondering, “Why all this noise about the Korg Modwave?” Well, let me explain. Some products hit the market and just grab everyone’s attention right away. The Korg Modwave is one of them.

Firstly, it’s a product from Korg, one of the most respected brands in musical instruments. This alone attracts a lot of interest from both professionals and amateurs alike. The online world has been giddy with excitement since it was first announced.

Secondly, the Modwave has many features that have left users buzzing with joy and excitement. This synth isn’t your ordinary synthesizer; it’s got depth and character packed into its sleek design.

Imagine having an instrument that can help you explore waves like never before! The Modwave offers precisely that, providing musicians with groundbreaking ways to shape their sound through wavetable synthesis. Users love just how much they can control their sound quality.


Pulling the Korg Modwave out of its box was a moment filled with anticipation. The weight of this synthesizer in my hands immediately conveyed its solid build.

Unboxing the Korg Modwave

design and build quality

After removing all the packaging, I took notice of how sturdy the Korg Modwave felt. The craftsmanship is exceptional, which is something I’ve come to expect from a brand like Korg. It’s jet black in color, enhancing its sleek look. Each button felt firm and reacted quickly to touch, while the keys have that classic feel we all love–not too soft or too rigid.

The build quality extends to other aspects as well–the modulators move smoothly allowing for precise adjustments, while overall durability suggests it can last for a long time even under heavy use. Most importantly perhaps for serious musicians, it doesn’t feel cheap or mass-produced but has an air of being carefully engineered to meet user demands.


Getting started with my new synth was a breeze thanks to an easy set-up process. It’s quite simple even for those new to synthesizers; first, connect it to your power supply and then switch it on using the power button located at the back.

Connection-wise, you can link it up directly with your computer via USB if you want to use any music-creating software or apps. You also have MIDI connectors available if needed plus standard audio output jacks easily accessible at the back.

Even though I’m no newbie when it comes to setting up gear like this, another big positive was how easy instructions were laid out in the accompanying user guide making setup approachable even for synthesizer newbies.

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The face of Modwave is laden with buttons specifically designed around making music creation as intuitive as possible – each positioned within easy reach to fine-tune sounds on the fly. On the right side, you find 37 keys just waiting to give life to your melodies while the left side hosts a variety of modulators and controllers.

On top, you’ll find a multi-axis joystick dedicated to pitch bending and modulation plus two spacious displays–one for waveform visualization and another for quick adjustments and settings navigation. Looking at all these features together, it’s clear that Korg Modwave values user-friendliness in design.


One of the standout features of the Korg Modwave is its vast array of sounds, robust sound engine, and deep modulation options. Whether you are an amateur or seasoned musician, you’ll find the offerings a treat to your musical creativity. Let’s dive into these top-notch features.

  • Clear audio reproduction with well-defined highs and punchy lows
  • Advanced technology minimizes distortion
  • Suitable for both professional studios and home setups
  • Compact design ideal for smaller spaces
  • Balanced sound with excellent stereo imaging
Features of Korg Modwave


When it comes to producing unique and mesmerizing sounds, I must admit that the Korg Modwave excels. It boasts a wide range of digital waveforms including traditional analog waves. What I love about it is that it allows for easy structuring and layering, allowing me to create complex harmonic structures with ease. The synth voices are inspiring with their lively character which allows room for endless experimentation.

What blows me away is its ability to morph seamlessly from one sound to another due to its proprietary Kaoss Physics feature. This makes my sonic exploration feel more natural and fluid, creating an immersive journey that is just as pleasant for me as it would potentially be for my listeners.

Sound Engine

Pushing beyond traditional boundaries in terms of audio engineering prowess is clearly evident in the sound engine offered by the Modwave synthesizer. It utilizes highly advanced wavetable synthesis providing sensational sonic versatility unrivaled by many competitors within a similar price bracket.

The Dual Filter section reinforces this further letting you choose between 12 types (including MS-20 and Polysix). From sub-bass frequencies all through squealing highs, there’s never been a time when I felt restricted while crafting some melodies or harmonies on this piece of gear-right here!


The strongest asset within my setup undoubtedly has got to be the extensive modulation scheme that comes with Korg’s Modwave unit! The instrument boasts two LFOs (Low-Frequency Oscillators) and three ASDR envelopes which allow me immense control over shaping dimensional sounds personally crafted by myself.

Notably, the ‘Motion Sequencing 2.0 feature leaves me amazed each time, letting me create intricate rhythmic patterns that can animate sounds in mesmerizing ways. I can even record knob movements and play them back, modulating any parameter for the most expressive performances possible. It’s like painting with sound, a creativity I wouldn’t trade for anything!

How Does the Korg Modwave Sound?

What everyone keeps asking me is, “How does the Korg Modwave sound?” Well, let me tell you. The first time I put my hands on this synthesizer and played a few keys, I was blown away. There’s a lot to talk about here when it comes to sound quality.

One thing that struck me immediately was the richness of tones that the Korg Modwave delivers. This machine packs a punch! You can play around and create several unique tones, bringing originality and freshness to your music production.

How Does the Korg Modwave Sound?

The most striking feature of this synth is its delicate balance between strong robust sounds and soft melodic tunes. One second you’re creating pounding bass lines, the next you’re making sweet piano tones. It’s all over the place in the best way possible.

It often surprises me how well it handles both ends of the musical spectrum perfectly! Whether you are producing an energetic track or trying softer melodies for relaxation—this versatile machine handles all genres with grace.

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Pros & Cons

The Korg Modwave boasts a robust build quality.It’s heavy, therefore not easily portable.
Its sound engine is versatile and allows for unique creation.Connecting to other devices can be a bit technical.
The number of keys it offers is generous for its size.Some may find the 37-key range limiting.
It has intuitive controls that enhance usability.Beginners may struggle to grasp its complexity initially.


My Korg Modwave review proves that with its vivid sounds, hearty modulation options, and robust sound engine, it sets a new standard in the synthesizer market. Its versatility and intuitive controls make it suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

However, not everyone may love the weight of 8.95 pounds. But considering all these incredible features coming at an affordable price makes this weight look small. If you are looking for an upgrade or your first synthesizer, then the Korg Modwave is surely a worthy option to consider.