Samson SR850 Review: Your Guide to an Immersive Audio Experience

Samson SR850 Review: Your Guide to an Immersive Audio Experience

Welcome to this comprehensive Samson SR850 review! If you’re a music lover, audio professional, or someone who simply loves crystal-clear sound quality, read on. I’ll delve into why this could be your best pick yet in terms of studio reference headphones.

With its robust design and excellent sound performance, the Samson SR850 gives life to your audio. Be it for casual listening or detailed editing; these over-ear headphones offer an immersive and accurate sound experience even during lengthy sessions. Their durability ensures their value over an elongated period.

Model NameSR850
Form FactorOver-Ear
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Cable Length2.57 Meters
Weight1.28 Pounds
Driver Size50mm
Impedance32 ohms
Earcup DesignSemi-Open Back
Headband StyleSelf-Adjusting

Samson SR850: A Quick Overview

The Samson SR850 headphones are designed for those seeking high-quality audio combined with comfort. Weighing just 1.28 pounds and featuring a self-adjusting headband, these over-ear headphones ensure a snug fit for extended listening sessions.

Samson SR850: Design and Build

With a semi-open back design and 50mm drivers, the SR850 offers an immersive sound experience that balances clear highs and robust lows, making it ideal for studio monitoring or casual listening.

In terms of connectivity, the SR850 is wired with a generous 2.57-meter cable that provides ample room to move around without feeling restricted. The headphones have an impedance of 32 ohms, allowing them to be easily driven by most audio devices without requiring an amplifier. Overall, the Samson SR850 strikes a good balance between performance and comfort at an affordable price point.

Design and Build

When I first got my hands on the Samson SR850, the immediate thing that caught my attention was its unique and impressive design. The semi-open-back design of the headphones lets you feel the music with clarity as well as comfort. The over-ear form factor assures an immersive listening experience by blocking out external sounds.

Samson has done a commendable job with building these headphones. Even though they weigh a bit more than other models, approximately 1.28 pounds, this never compromises comfort or fit. Trust me when I say you’ll hardly feel them even during extended listening sessions!

Samson SR850 Design and Build

What I loved most about this model is its 2.57-meter-long cable – no longer do I need to worry about yanking the cord from my phone or music player! Made for studio use, it offers ample length for moving around freely in your space.

The self-adjusting headband is nothing short of brilliant – not only does it adapt to different head shapes easily but also ensures that it stays snug without exerting too much pressure on your head.

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One of the main key features that make the Samson SR850 stand out is its sound quality and performance. When I first got my hands on a pair and tried them on, I was quite surprised. The sound from these headphones felt real and alive.

What impressed me was their 50mm driver, which helped create clear lows, mids, and highs. Compared to other headphones in its price range, it can provide a professional-level audio experience for any music lover out there.

Sound Quality and Performance

The sound quality of the Samson SR850 is indeed extraordinary. The lows are rather deep but not overwhelming; they blend well with any genre of music being played through them. The mids are clear and detailed, allowing you to hear every detail in songs or movies using them. Lastly, the highs can be quite razor-sharp but not ear-piercing at all; no matter how high I turn up the volume.

Samson SR850: Sound Quality and Performance

Furthermore, thanks to their semi-open-back design which enables a more expanded soundstage providing a spacious ambient listening experience usually found in studios.

Comfort and Fit

Another feature that won me over was how comfortable they were to wear for extended periods of time. Their self-adjusting headband sits snugly on my head without adding any extra pressure or discomfort which was great, especially during long periods of use.

Also worth mentioning is their over-ear form factor design itself adds an extra level of comfort as it covers your entire ears without adding much pressure or feeling too tight on your ears enabling one to enjoy his favorite tracks comfortably for hours

Durability and Longevity

Last but not least among key features are durability & longevity which are also essential requirements from good pair headphones specifically when investing for studio purposes considering day-to-day heavy usage.

The build quality feels strong & should last longer even if dropped accidentally a couple of times thanks mostly to its plastic material construction which is also lightweight to reduce strain on your head.

The wire included shows a good level of flexibility plus shows durability on either end to survive daily usage. Just remember, taking good care of your headphones ensures their longevity, and that’s where the 2.57-meter cable length comes in handy giving one enough room around him. So here, the design seems to be doing its job well providing needed durability & reliability for longer run.

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How Does The Samson SR850 Stand Out In The Market?

In the competitive market of audio technology, the Samson SR850 is certainly a game-changer. So, how does it stand out among its rivals? Well, there are primarily two factors that set this model apart.

Firstly, is its remarkable sound quality. This headphone offers users a unique listening experience with its semi-open back design. It helps create an open soundstage ambiance and reduces ear fatigue for long-lasting comfort. What’s more, it comes with 50mm drivers that bring out the richness and detail in every track.

The next big thing about Samson SR850 is affordability. Usually, headphones delivering such high-level performance dig a huge hole in our pockets. However, this isn’t the case with these headphones; they offer premium features at a budget-friendly price tag! Rarely does one come across such an enticing blend of superior quality and affordability.

So given these standout points – rich audio output and economic pricing – the Samson SR850 makes a great impression in today’s market scenario!

Who Should Consider Buying The Samson SR850?

If you’re someone who greatly values the quality of sound, then you might want to seriously consider getting yourself a pair of Samson SR850. We all know how important clarity, depth and overall quality can be when we’re listening to our favorite tunes or watching a thrilling movie. So if that sounds like you, then the SR850 might just be your next perfect buy.

Who Should Consider Buying The Samson SR850?

Let’s talk about people who create music as well. If you’re into music production and mixing, the Samson SR850 is an excellent piece of gear for your studio setup. It provides a highly accurate representation of your audio mix- covering all frequencies in impressive detail which is essential for any producer or sound engineer.

Moreover, this set of headphones won’t leave gamers behind either. With their exceptional sound performance, they can provide an immersive gaming experience that pulls you right into the heart of the action.

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Pros & Cons

High-quality sound with 50mm driversSemi-open design may leak sound
Comfortable self-adjusting headbandNot ideal for noisy environments
Long 2.57-meter cableWired design lacks wireless flexibility
Lightweight at 1.28 poundsEarcups may not isolate sound well
Affordable price point


After scrutinizing the Samson SR850 in this review, I can confidently say these headphones are an impressive piece of audio equipment. For anyone seeking great sound quality on a budget, these are an exceptional choice. From the semi-open-back design to comfortable fit and high-quality drivers, this device combines both functionality and convenience pleasantly well.

The robust build ensures they’ll not only provide enjoyable listening experiences but also beat the test of time. For budding musicians, audiophiles, or casual listeners looking for a budget-friendly yet reliable headphone option, the Samson SR850 would not be amiss.