Tascam US-1x2HR Review

Tascam US-1x2HR Review: Explore its Uniqueness

While on the search for a top-tier audio interface, the name Tascam US-1x2HR might have floated across your radar. In this Tascam US-1x2HR review, I’ll be piercing through its glittering armor to reveal its true capabilities. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or a seasoned professional, learning more about this device could become a game-changer for your music production.

The Tascam US-1x2HR is an audio interface worth praising owing to its stunning blend of quality and performance. It comes with a user-friendly design that enhances convenience and is matched by an array of features that ensure you get amazing sound output. Its exceptional compatibility with different systems further extends its appeal, offering optimal flexibility no matter your setup.

Number of Channels2
Operating SystemWindows
Item Weight2.1 Pounds
Dimensions5.94 x 4.65 x 1.81 inches
Sample RateUp to 192 kHz
Bit Depth24-bit
Microphone PreampUltra-HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture)
Phantom Power+48V for Condenser Microphones
Dynamic Range112 dB
Direct MonitoringZero-latency
CompatibilityMac OS, iOS compatible
Input Types1 x XLR (Mic/Line), 1 x 1/4″ (Inst/Line)
Output Types2 x RCA, 1 x 1/4″ (Headphones)

Tascam US-1x2HR: A Quick Overview

The Tascam US-1x2HR is a compact and versatile audio interface designed for both beginners and experienced users. It features two channels, offering a range of connectivity options including USB, XLR, and 1/4″ inputs.

Tascam US-1x2HR: A Quick Overview

The device also supports high-resolution audio with sample rates up to 192 kHz and a bit depth of 24-bit, ensuring pristine sound quality. Designed to be compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and iOS systems, it is highly adaptable for various recording setups.

This interface stands out due to its Ultra-HDDA microphone preamp that provides superior clarity and transparency. It also includes +48V phantom power for condenser microphones and zero-latency direct monitoring for seamless recording. Weighing just 2.1 pounds with dimensions of approximately 6 x 5 x 2 inches, the Tascam US-1x2HR is both portable and easy to integrate into any studio environment.

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Opening the box, the first thing you notice is the compact yet solid build of the Tascam US-1x2HR. Nestled securely, the interface looks sleek with its dark finish and intuitive design. The packaging includes a USB cable, user manual, and installation software to ensure you can get started quickly on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The first physical impressions are striking as the device feels robust despite its light 2.1-pound weight. The front panel features a single XLR input for microphones and a 1/4″ input for instruments or line-level signals. Additional outputs include two RCA jacks and one headphone jack, making it versatile right out of its tidy dimensions of 5.94 x 4.65 x 1.81 inches.

Hardware Design and Specifications

My first impressions of the interface were mirrored in its design. The sleek, sturdy exterior of black with a silver accent around the dials lent an air of high-quality craftsmanship. Lightweight yet durable, it didn’t make me feel like I had to be overly delicate.

Despite its smaller size, it’s rigged out with every essential feature an audio interface should have – from handy front-facing mic/line/instrument inputs to balanced stereo outputs on the back for your monitor speakers.

Taking a closer look at its specifications, one can find that this device packs quite a punch for its size. Weighing in at 2.1 pounds, this neat gadget is easily portable yet remains robust enough not to make you worry about handling it out of studio environments – ideal for artists on the go or interviews that require equipment travel.

Software Support and Compatibility

A key point that caught my attention was how user-friendly this apparatus seemed right from installation– thanks to seamless connectivity via USB ports that simplify set-up procedures considerably. As well as being universally compatible with USB 3.0 and 2 types.

What makes me even more excited about putting this gadget through its paces is knowing how versatile it is when paired up with different digital audio workstations (DAWs). Tested using both Windows-based systems like Ableton Live and Cubase as well Mac-running software such Logic Pro X exemplify Tascam’s commitment to broad compatibility range.

Indeed there are few devices in today’s market equipped with such robust functionality within such basic interface settings – making use genuinely idiot-proof even for someone not particularly tech-savvy. Tascam’s one-of-a-kind interface continues to impress beyond the unboxing experience, promising seamless integration in any setup.

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Who is the Tascam US-1x2HR best suited for?

When it comes to making a smart choice in audio equipment, it’s crucial to look for tools that align with your specific needs. In this Tascam US-1x2HR review, I aim to assist you in understanding if this audio interface is the right fit for you.

Who is the Tascam US-1x2HR best suited for?

If you’re an aspiring music producer, musician or podcaster who spends time working from a home studio or on the go, the Tascam US-1x2HR may be what you need. This tool is designed with portability and function in mind. It delivers pristine sound quality without imposing any limitations on where and when you can work on your projects.

Furthermore, isn’t it fair to say we all appreciate user-friendly technology? Of course! So if ease of use ranks high on your checklist, Tascam has got you covered yet again with the US-1x2HR. Setup is a breeze, whether perched upon a desktop or connected to an iPad or laptop on location.


When it comes to professional music gear, one item that has caught my attention recently is the Tascam US-1x2HR. This small but mighty device offers a range of impressive features each designed to help take your music-making experience to the next level.

Tascam US-1x2HR Features

The first standout feature is its top-notch sound quality. Backed by high-definition Discrete Architecture (HDDA) mic pre-amplifiers, Tascam US-1x2HR guarantees an exceptional experience for capturing and reproducing audio signals in high resolution.

Another key feature hailing attention is the device’s admirable versatility. With two inputs, ample connectivity options, and control panel software, it caters brilliantly to both solo performers and duets.

Not to disregard its unique ability to operate with two types of power supply. So it can be powered up directly from your computer through USB or choose an AC adapter if you’re recording for longer hours.

Here are some other remarkable features that I should highlight –

  • Ultra-HDDA Microphone Preamps for Superior Sound: These premium preamps deliver low noise, low distortion, and a high-quality sound that fits around your voice or instrument perfectly.
  • Two Combo XLR/TRS Inputs: It allows easy plugging in microphones and musical instruments without any hassle. The first input also includes phantom power support for condenser microphones; quite handy!
  • Supports Direct Guitar Input: The second input is perfect for connecting your guitar or bass directly without any need for additional gear.
  • High-Speed USB Connectivity with iOS Compatibility: Making music on the go gets simpler as this interface integrates well with computers as well as iOS devices like iPads.

With all these features offered by the Tascam US-1x2HR at hand, creating good quality audio content becomes easier and more efficient. No matter if you’re a musician, a podcaster or a gaming enthusiast, the flexibility and capabilities of this audio interface make it worth the investment.

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Pros & Cons

High-resolution audio (192 kHz/24-bit)Limited to 2 input channels
Ultra-HDDA preamp ensures clear sound qualityNo MIDI input/output
Zero-latency direct monitoring capabilityRCA outputs might require adapters for some setups
Compact and lightweight designLimited onboard effects
+48V phantom power for condenser microphones


Tascam US-1x2HR review, it’s clear that this little device packs a lot of punch. Its optimal design and functioning meet professional standards while staying within an affordable price range. The features it offers are perfect for both beginners and advanced users, making it a versatile tool in any studio setup.

Designed with attention to detail for superb audio recording and mixing capabilities, the Tascam US-1x2HR is worth every penny. Therefore, whether you’re a budding musician or a seasoned audio engineer, investing in the Tascam US-1x2HR is an outstanding decision.