Alesis Virtue Review

Alesis Virtue Review: Is It Worth the Investment in [cy]?

When it comes to quality digital pianos, the market is overflowing with numerous options. However, in this long sea of choices, our focus today narrows down to one superior product—Alesis Virtue. This grand piano set will pique your interest with its top-tier sound quality, luxurious design element, and a hefty package of bonus features. Dive along as we journey into an in-depth Alesis Virtue review.

Speaking right from experience and analysis, Alesis Virtue outranks others due to its flawless fusion of elegant aesthetics and stellar performance.

Hails for having 88 responsive keys that echo the feel of playing a classic piano, rich audio output making each note sound just delightful to your ears – paired with a customizable layer mode and innovative built-in learning attribute – the entire package puts Alesis Virtue comfortably at the top end of most desired digital pianos.

Number of Keys88
Key TypeNot specified
Touch ResponseNot specified
Polyphony128 notes max
Speakers30-watt stereo speakers (15W x2)
Special FeaturesSplit mode, Layer mode, Lesson mode (splits keyboard into two zones), Metronome, Record mode, LCD screen
Educational AppsSkoove 3-month premium subscription
ConnectivityStereo ¼” (6.35mm) output, USB-MIDI output, USB input, Headphone output
Power SourceUSB

Unpacking the Alesis Virtue

The moment of unboxing your new Alesis Virtue is an exciting one, and I’m excited to share that moment with you in this Alesis Virtue review. My first impression? It’s a gem! The packaging alone makes a great impact. And as you take your time to gently remove this incredible instrument from its cocoon, you are met with elements of surprise at every turn.

Alesis Virtue Review: Unpacking the Alesis Virtue

Inside the box, it’s like Christmas. You will find an 88-key piano beautifully wrapped and secured in place. As well as this issue-free keyboard, there were so many other goodies packed inside. To be specific, the package includes a music rest which is handy for propping up your music sheet or device while playing. This feature is perfect for making learning easier!

There’s also a perfectly tailored bench which had come with it. If anyone tells me they didn’t have fun unboxing their Virtue piano, then I’d question if we even unboxed the same product!

Now onto the nitty-gritty! In addition to all these wonderful items, you will also find three-foot pedals; the soft pedal, the sostenuto pedal, and the sustain pedal; all essential for controlling various aspects of sound production.

Design and Build

As you open the box of your brand-new Alesis Virtue, it’s hard not to be surprised by its sleek and modern design. This piano indeed leaves a solid first impression with its elegant aesthetic. Designed to meet the needs of both beginner and professional musicians, its polished white keys and glossy black body make it irresistibly attractive.

Alesis Virtue Review: Design and Build

Inside the box, you’ll find more than just a piano. Your purchase includes numerous add-ons designed to enhance your musical journey. Think of these as little gifts from Alesis to help make your music experience better.

Here’s exactly what comes inside the box: The Alesis Virtue itself – an 88-key digital piano with full-sized, touch-sensitive keys. Accompanying the main product is a stylishly built-in music stand, power adapter, sustain pedal, and detachable bench for comfy practice sessions.

For connectivity purposes, every Virtue box includes a USB-MIDI output cable for connecting with other devices or computers if need be.

Sound Quality

One of the most important aspects that sets a piano apart is its sound quality. This is where the Alesis Virtue shines bright. Right out of the box, it provides an instant feel of superiority with its brilliant sound.

Alesis Virtue Review: Sound Quality

The moment we unpack the box, we are greeted with a neatly packaged piano set along with several key accessories. The Alesis Virtue package comes complete with an easy-to-assemble stand, adjustable bench, sustain pedal, music rest, and power adapter. Each piece serves a purpose and together they provide all that’s needed to start your musical journey.

However, what captures our attention first is the dazzling Alesis Virtue piano itself. As you power on this beauty, you instantly realize it’s no ordinary digital piano but one that delivers top-notch sound quality.

The audio resolution from this 88-key instrument is nothing short of fantastic – clear and pristine like fresh mountain air. It houses powerful 30-watt stereo speakers (15W x 2), allowing for stunning sound replication across its vast polyphony range reaching up to 128 notes max.

Whether you’re hitting soft melodies or belting out complex symphonies, every note projects beautifully with a harmonious balance making every play session pure joy.


The Alesis Virtue stands out in the market, not only because of its stylish design or exceptional sound quality but also due to its extensive connectivity options. If you’re thinking about what makes it unique, here we put forth some notable features that will give you a better understanding.

Alesis Virtue Review: Features

One of the key highlights of Alesis Virtue is its wide range of built-in learning features. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate piano player, these learning features can enhance your playing skills exceptionally. A few notable learning features include:

  • Split Mode: This mode splits the keyboard into two zones with identical pitch and voice.
  • Layer Mode: Layer Mode allows you to play two sounds simultaneously on the keyboard.
  • Lesson Mode: This interesting mode divides the keyboard into two zones allowing a student and teacher to watch and play together.
  • Metronome: It helps maintain a consistent tempo during practice which is key to learning any musical instrument effectively.

These learning attributes make this digital piano an excellent educational tool for everyone who is passionate about piano playing.

Now, let’s dive into another exciting aspect – its multiple connectivity options! The Alesis Virtue offers various ports including a stereo ¼” (6.35mm) output, USB-MIDI output, USB input, and headphone output which makes it highly versatile when it comes to plugging in other devices or accessories.

Audio Conversion Quality

In the journey of unraveling the Alesis Virtue, one of the most necessary points to discuss is certainly its audio conversion quality. This aspect refers to how well the instrument converts input (ADC), such as live playing, into digital signals, and output (DAC) – interpreting pre-recorded digital data into sound.

Alesis Virtue Review: Audio Conversion Quality

Alesis Virtue proudly presents an impressive record in this aspect, which will amaze both beginners and seasoned pianists alike. Just have a look at what makes it stand tall when compared with others:

  • Its strong emphasis on optimal audio resolution results in clear and vibrant sounds that reflect every keypress with stunning accuracy. Even subtle nuances of your playing are captured flawfully by Alesis Virtue.
  • Sound reproduction is another excellently fulfilled task by this keyboard. From the lowest bass to the highest treble note, each tone coming out from its 30-watt stereo speakers remains authentically rich and powerful, living up to any music genre you play.

Next, let’s shed light on its built-in learning features that cater impressively well to beginner players:

  • Lesson Mode: Alesis Virtue offers ‘Lesson Mode’ that splits the keyboard into two similar zones. Each zone mirrors exactly what’s played in another one – an excellent tool for both teaching remotely or doing a four-hand duet with someone.
  • Metronome & Record Mode: Helping you stay in rhythm is Metronome while Record mode lets you record your own practice sessions or compositions for later playback.

To complement such fantastic audio conversion quality are connectivity options ranging widely from conventional headphone outputs to contemporary USB-MIDI connections:

  • Versatile plug-ins: The virtue offers Stereo ¼” (6.35mm) output for real-time live performance amplification plus a Headphone output for those personal practice sessions where you don’t want to disturb others.
  • USB-MIDI output/USB input: These allow you to connect your Alesis Virtue easily with computers or mobile devices. Exploit the power of educational and notation apps for a more engaging playing experience

One unique feature that distinguishes Alesis Virtue from other models is its ideology to provide a ‘layer mode’-

  • Layer Mode: It’s a creative option letting players sound two voices at once, providing much-needed depth and emotion to single-note compositions, elevating your music journey to a whole new level.

The audio conversion quality combined with these innovative learning features and versatile connectivity options reinforces the status of Alesis Virtue as a compelling choice for keyboard enthusiasts around the globe. Whether you are starting your musical journey or already have countless gigs under your belt, this piano can stand by you through thick and thin!

Pros and Cons

High audio resolutionLack of information about touch response
User-friendly designPolyphony might be limited for professional players
Multiple connectivity options and built-in learning features


Our Alesis Virtue review, it’s clear that it stands out distinctly in the competitive digital piano market. Be it its exceptional audio quality, crafty design or diverse connectivity options, this device checks all boxes of a quintessential modern keyboard.

It promises durability and brings on board exciting learning features making it an excellent choice for both newbies and seasoned pianists. Its sound reproduction technology ensures high-resolution audio giving users an acoustic piano-like experience.

All these impressive features while maintaining an easy setup process and user-friendly interface is what make Alesis Virtue an ideal choice for all music enthusiasts.