Roland RD-88 Review

Roland RD-88 Review: Your Guide To This Iconic Keyboard

Have you ever wondered what makes the Roland RD-88 popular with music enthusiasts all over the world? Well, you’re about to find out! In this comprehensive Roland RD-88 review, we’re going to thoroughly explore the incredible features of this cutting-edge keyboard.

From unpacking its box to assessing its versatile design and superior sound quality, sit tight and let us walk you through why seasoned musicians hold this instrument in high regard.

Looking at the specifications and performance capabilities of the Roland RD-88; it stands out as a top-tier digital stage piano. Its compact design is carefully coupled with an extraordinary sound projection guaranteed by remarkable audio resolution. Equipped with weighted hammer action keys that mimic a real piano experience, it provides a balance between authenticity and innovative technology.

Number of Keys88
Key TypeWeighted Hammer Action with Escapement and Ivory Feel
Polyphony256 voices
SoundsSuperNATURAL pianos and electric pianos, ZEN-Core Synthesis System sounds
EffectsChorus, Delay, Reverb, Compressor, EQ
Speakers2 x 6W stereo speakers
ConnectivityPhones jack, Stereo outputs, Mic input, Line input, MIDI Out, USB-A (memory), USB-B (device)
Weight29.7 lbs (13.5 kg)
Dimensions50.6″ (W) X10.2″ (D) x6.3″ (H)

Unboxing the Roland RD-88

Receiving the Roland RD-88 is quite something. The box displays a stylish branding, neatly packed with ample precautionary materials to ensure nothing gets damaged during transport. Upon opening, you are greeted with an impressive first impression of a quality electronic keyboard.

Unboxing the Roland RD-88

The Roland RD-88 is securely nestled in sturdy protective foam to prevent any accidents or shock damage. As you lift it out from its safe pocket, the feel of this musical instrument does justice to the ace reputation accompanying the Roland brand.

In the box, apart from the Roland RD-88 itself, comes an owner’s manual that contains important information on setup and operating instructions. Next, you’d find an AC adaptor for a power supply and a power cord – essentially everything needed to plug in and start playing your new keyboard straight away.

Opening up your new music gadget is bound to give every musician quite a rush while reinforcing faith in their purchase via its high-quality standards wrapped into one single package.

Compact and Versatile Design

When you first lay your eyes on the Roland RD-88, its compact and sleek design immediately captures your attention. Roland has always been a front-runner in making music creation tools that are portable yet powerful. The RD-88 is no exception. Weighing 29.7 lbs (13.5 kg), it is lighter than many other comparable stage pianos in its range, making it an ideal carry-around tool for gigs or practice sessions.

Compact and Versatile Design

The size of this keyboard is also ideal for those who want to make music without being overwhelmed by a large piece of equipment. It measures around 50.6 inches wide, 10.2 inches deep, and 6.3 inches high, perfect enough to sit snugly in any corner of your room or studio.

When unboxing the Roland RD-88, you are greeted with careful packaging that ensures the safety of this musical gem during transit. Once you have taken off all the protective measures, being greeted by this music device feels like experiencing magic at firsthand.

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Audio Experience

Entering the world of music with the Roland RD-88 is like opening a door to clarity and impeccable audio resolution. It’s not just about playing notes on a keyboard, it’s about feeling each note and experiencing the sound in high quality.

Audio Experience

The sound quality of this Roland RD-88 is exceptional. This is extremely crucial for those who value each chord, treble, or bass in their music.

The manufacturers took up an extra notch by guaranteeing crystal clear sound output at every level of volume. Whether you’re strumming gentle moonlight sonatas or belting out through powerful symphonies, expect nothing but the pure, unaltered sound from this remarkable piano.

Connectivity Options

When it comes to digital pianos, the connectivity options surely have a big role to play. In this detailed Roland RD-88 review, you will find how this keyboard excels in providing extensive connectivity options.

Connectivity Options

While multiple choices of connection are crucial for any modern digital piano, the Roland RD-88 takes it one step ahead. It supports various forms of connection making it an excellent choice for both professional and amateur musicians. The following are its connectivity features:

  • Phones Jack: A critical feature for any sound device, enabling private practice or performance without disturbing others around you.
  • Stereo Outputs: These allow you to connect your device with other sound systems like PA speakers or a recording interface, enabling a richer experience.
  • Mic Input: This is invaluable if you sing along while playing or if you are at gigs where vocals need backing tracks.
  • Line Input: Lets you plug in music players or mp3 devices with ease so that you can play along with your favorite tracks
  • MIDI Out: Essential for studio settings where multiple digital instruments need to synchronize.
  • USB-A (Memory): This lets users record their performances directly onto a USB drive. Handy!
  • USB-B (Device): An essential feature that lets your digital piano communicate and integrate smoothly with computer-based recording software.

whether playing live gigs or practicing at home, it’s safe to say that the Roland RD-88 caters well to all your connection needs efficiently and effectively. Its reliable connectivity features certainly gives it an edge over many competitors in the market. It truly shines as a versatile tool in every musician’s kit due its broad range of functionalities and robust features.

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Features of Roland RD-88

The Roland RD-88 is a digital stage piano that offers a plethora of features designed to satisfy all your musical needs. This powerhouse comes packed with the following features:

Features of Roland RD-88
  1. Number of keys: The Roland RD-88 boasts 88 keys, providing a full piano keyboard range for you to explore and create beautiful music. The keys have weighted hammer action with escapement and ivory feel, offering an authentic piano experience.
  2. High Polyphony: With a whopping 256 voices of polyphony, this instrument ensures you never run out of voices while playing complex and layered musical pieces.
  3. SuperNATURAL Sounds: The RD-88 utilizes Roland’s SuperNATURAL pianos and electric pianos sound technology along with ZEN-Core Synthesis System sounds, enabling it to produce incredibly realistic sounds that transform your musical journey.
  4. Quality Effects: On top of its superior sound capabilities, the RD-88 also offers multiple high-quality effects such as chorus, delay, reverb, compressor, and EQ to enrich your performances even more.
  5. Powerful Speakers: Equipped with two 6W stereo speakers, the RD-88 delivers clear and loud sound quality.
  6. Connectivity Options: In terms of connectivity options as well it stands out from many keyboards in its category by having a host USB port for memory sticks besides standard USB-to-host port for data transfer (MIDI). It has phone jack, and stereo outputs bringing versatility to your performance setup.

With these features at hand in one compact device weighing only 29.7 lbs (13.5 kg), the RD-88 offers musicians great performance flexibility whether at home or on stage.

Pros and Cons

Compact and portableNot beginner-friendly due to the numerous advanced features
High-resolution sound clarityMight be considered costly by some users
Variety of connectivity optionsNo built-in rhythm accompaniments
Low latency performanceSound distortions at high volumes can occur occasionally

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Throughout our Roland RD-88 review, we’ve examined its exceptional features and performance. With an assortment of voices from SuperNATURAL pianos to ZEN-Core Synthesis System sounds, along with a variety of effects, this keyboard does not fall short when it comes to the audio experience.

Its compact and lightweight design combined with diverse connectivity options make it a versatile choice for both professionals and beginners.

However, as with any product, the RD-88 has some areas for improvement. In summing up this Roland RD-88 review, it’s clear that the RD-88 is a worthy investment for those looking for functionality and quality in one package.