Tierra Audio New Twenties

Tierra Audio New Twenties: Expert Review and Insights

If you’re a music enthusiast, sound engineer, or just a lover of high-quality audio, then keep your eyes on the screen because we’re about to dive deep into the Tierra Audio New Twenties. This microphone has made its mark for its impressive design and superior audio quality – two elements every audiophile dreams about.

When it comes to delving into the Tierra Audio New Twenties, you’ll realize quickly how it embodies a perfect balance between intuitive design and robust performance. This condenser microphone features remarkable specifications like an Electret large diaphragm capsule bringing out unmatched sound output. Meanwhile, the Cardioid polar pattern ensures consistent heart-throbbing audio performance that can leave anyone in awe.

Capsule TypeElectret (large diaphragm)
Polar PatternCardioid
PoweringPhantom, +48 Volts (IEC 61938)
Output Impedance200 Ω
Output ConnectorXLR balanced and shielded (aerial)
Weight (without packaging)485 grams (without anti-pop), 520 grams (with anti-pop)
Dimensions (with packaging)200 mm (H) x 180 mm (W) x 70 mm (D)
WarrantyLifetime (for manufacturing defects) 

Tierra Audio New Twenties – A Quick Introduction

The Tierra Audio New Twenties microphone is a cutting-edge condenser mic that features an electret capsule with a large diaphragm. It comes with a cardioid polar pattern, which ensures focused sound capture, making it ideal for various recording settings.

The microphone requires phantom power at +48 Volts, adhering to the IEC 61938 standard, and connects via an XLR balanced and shielded aerial output. Designed to offer durability alongside superior performance, the New Twenties weighs 485 grams without additional attachments like the anti-pop filter.

With additional hardware like the anti-pop filter attached, it weighs 520 grams. The product’s dimensions are comprehensive yet compact at 200 mm in height, 180 mm in width, and 70 mm in depth when packaged. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty covering any manufacturing defects.

Design and Build

The Tierra Audio New Twenties is truly a compact beauty. While being lightweight, it carries an abundance of performance within. It has a weight of 485 grams without the anti-pop, and just 35 grams more with it – making it quite portable.

Tierra Audio New Twenties - Design and Build

The dimensions are sleek and manageable, measuring 200 mm in height, 180 mm in width, and a depth of 70 mm. Despite its compact size, the design does not compromise on robustness or durability. One can also admire its beautifully balanced looks.

Above all else, this design is all about power packed into a portable package – just what any sound enthusiast would desire.

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Sound Quality

The Tierra Audio New Twenties shines out for its top-notch sound quality. The main hero behind this smooth and rich audio? Its large diaphragm electret capsule.

Tierra Audio New Twenties - Sound Quality

This feature is key to producing a superior sound output that you’ll love. The large diaphragm helps capture finer details, giving clarity and depth to your audio.

In basic terms, the large diaphragm means better sound – clear, detailed, and expressive. So whether you’re recording vocals or instruments, the Tierra Audio New Twenties won’t let you down!

Cardioid Polar Pattern Quality

The Tierra Audio New Twenties microphone comes with a unique trait known as the Cardioid Polar Pattern. This is no ordinary feature – it’s one that packs a powerful punch in shaping the overall output of this device.

Tierra Audio New Twenties - Cardioid Polar Pattern Quality

Let’s delve into how this specific aspect can significantly sway the performance and effectiveness of your recording sessions.

  • Focuses On Main Sound Source: The foremost advantage of having a cardioid polar pattern is that it majorly focuses on the sound coming directly from in front of it while tending to ignore environmental or background noise. This focus improves the clarity and richness of your recorded sounds, be it vocals or instruments.
  • Noise Isolation: In recording situations where there might be unwanted noise or echo, having a microphone like Tierra Audio New Twenties with its cardioid polar pattern essentially helps in isolating those sounds. It picks up most audio from front and sides but remarkably little from behind.
  • Best For Studio Settings: Due to the characteristic design and pattern, these are best for studio settings where you want to focus on one primary sound source while lessening room echo or feedback from monitors.
  • Directionality: With the prioritized pickup areas being largely in the frontal direction and lower pickup at the back, users have high control over what sound is captured making these perfect fit for podcast hosts, vocalists, or voice-over artists.
  • Flexibility: The technical design notwithstanding, another attractive advantage is flexibility. It provides desired results not just in controlled environments like studios but also works well even if you’re trying to record outdoors or at live events with background functions going on.

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Output Impedance & Gain Response

A key feature of the Tierra Audio New Twenties is its 200 Ω output impedance. Now, you may wonder, what is output impedance? In simple terms, it’s a measure of how easily the microphone can drive a sound signal through your recording setup.

Tierra Audio New Twenties - Output Impedance & Gain Response

The number “200 Ω” might not mean much to you on its own. But know this – lower output impedance often equals better audio quality! This is because the signal from your microphone can face less resistance and have a clearer path to your recording device.

With a 200 Ω output impedance, the Tierra Audio New Twenties shines in this aspect. It keeps distortion minimal and helps produce quality sounds that are crystal clear. So whether you’re recording music or dialogue, this feature makes sure your audio comes out top-notch!

Pros and Cons

The lightweight and compact design allows for easy portabilityMight be too small for those who prefer full-size equipment
High-quality sound due to electret large diaphragm capsule typeRequires phantom powering which might be slightly inconvenient
Cardioid polar pattern ideal for minimal background noise


The Tierra Audio New Twenties is a compact, power-packed microphone delivering superior sound quality. Its design, configurability, and impressive audio quality make it one of the best in its category.

This condenser microphone features a cardioid pattern, large-diaphragm electret capsule, and 200 Ω output impedance providing listeners with an unparalleled audio experience. With stellar build quality and durability accompanied by a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects, it signifies incredible value for money.

Despite minor cons like weight factors, the overwhelming pros make this microphone a worthwhile catch for both beginners and professionals alike looking for solid performance combined with functionality.